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The Realm of Lawton
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The Lawton Family in England:

The Name and Place - Taken directly from the writings of Frederick Brown Lawton and Frederick William Lawton in the book Lawton Ancestral Lines.
The Lawton Arms - A color picture and description of the Lawton Arms.
Lawton Manor - A description and history by F. W. Lawton and others.
The Return of Lawton Hall - The story of the Lawton Hall property.
The Lawton Hall Painting - A local artist's commemoration of Lawton Hall.
Lawton of Lawton, Part I - Download the famous Renaud Papers!
Lawton of Lawton, Part II - View the work of genealogist George Ormerod.

The Lawton Family in America:

The Compact of Loyalty, 1639 - Early evidence of Thomas and George's arrival in America.
The Mystery of the Old Stone Mill - Was this structure built by George Lawton?
James and Susanna - The 5th Generation in America.
The Barlow Farm - The Ohio home of James and Susanna Lawton and descendants.
The Barlow Bicentennial - A synopsis provided by Irvin Haskell Lawton.
Recap of the 1998 Lawton Family Reunion - provided by Stephen Thomas Lawton.
The Mayflower Connection - How some Lawton's link back to the Pilgrims of  Plymouth.

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